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Aerial Artistry

Published: 20 Jun 13, 04:09pm  |  Author: DG Music

Here at DJ Music we are very excited to welcome Aerial Artists to our expanding range of performers, bands and musicians. Adding a touch of class to an event with a graceful aerial performer is a sure way to wow guests and provide a real spectacle.

We have all been to events, parties and weddings where time starts to drag, glances at the clock become more frequent and boredom creeps in. The presence of an Aerial Artist holds all the attention in the room and elevates the mood and ambience of any event. Nothing is more breath-taking than watching Aerial Artists perform their stunning, acrobatic routine from a dazzling height.

Performances can be choreographed or freestyle, using a trapeze, rope, hoop or aerial silks. Perhaps these displays are so fascinating because Aerial Artists appear to defy gravity and overcome the innate fear that we all have, to some degree, of heights. Watching the lithe, agile performers glide through the air, gracefully tiptoe along trapeze ropes and spin and weave themselves around suspended silks evokes childlike wonder.

Flexibility, strength, elegance and athleticism are all impressive and familiar in the world of sport and dance but it is rare to witness such a showcase of talent at a party or wedding. The Aerial Artists, one of the best party trapeze acts in the UK, understand how important cohering to the theme and feel of an event is. This means colour-coordinating costumes to fit in with the décor and style of an event and because Aerial Artists are flexible by nature, synchronising with their environment is second nature!

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