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Christmas comes but once a year - Or does it?

Published: 18 Dec 13, 10:45am  |  Author: DG Music

All our bands are gearing up for the festive season with special repertoires to make the season go with a swing - or rock or pop or funk or whatever you fancy. But have you ever wondered why it is we celebrate Christmas at this time of the year? After all, lots of those nativity plays include lambs and we all know that lambs are born around Easter. So what's going on?

Well, most people believe that Christmas Day is 25th December. But in fact, this date only became the accepted date for the birth of Jesus in about 300AD. Before that, several different dates were celebrated: for example, 28th August, 20th & 21st April and the 20th May. And even today, the 6th of January is celebrated as Christmas Day by Christians in some eastern churches, while those churches which still base their year around the pre-1582 Julian calendar celebrate Christmas on the 7th January.

So even if you take mid-winter as your preferred time of the year, you could still organise it so that you have three Christmas days in two weeks!  Expensive but fun.

As for our bands – they’re gigging right through the season, so whichever Christmas Day you choose, you can still party along with DG Music!

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