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Movie Music

Published: 1 Oct 13, 04:11pm  |  Author: DG Music

Movies without music these days are rare. The effect of a film with no music is uncanny; creating an unnerving and intense atmosphere that is usually only the mark or a brave indie, art-house director.

Blockbuster films, on the other hand, invest a large proportion of their budget on sound tracks, theme tunes and incredible dubbing techniques. A lot has changed in terms of how we watch a film from the early silent movies of the 1920’s, which primarily engaged sight, to the 3D super-sensory, surround sound Avatars and James Bonds of today. Here are some great film soundtracks, spanning 4 decades:


The Jungle Book – The famous soundtrack to the Disney classic was composed by the Sherman Brothers in 1968 and still brings joy to many, young and old. Unusually the music came before the animation as Disney and the Sherman brothers asked the musicians to voice the characters and sing the songs, which the artists then matched their drawings to.The theme tune has been covered by lots of musicans, recently including Aluna George. Acoustic vocals and guitar duo Monroe perform a great cover of the theme tune.

Alfie – The Blue Note saxophonist Sonny Rollins featured in this 1966 film starring Michael Caine. The title track ‘Alfie’ was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. 

Laurence of Arabia – Maurice Jarre composed the theme to this classic… with only six weeks to do it in. Obviously the impending deadline helped Jarre’s creativity flow, although he said it took him four months to recover from the musical marathon!


Jaws –  The theme tune that still strikes fear into beach lovers and surfers was composed by John Williams. The simple two-note arrangement of E and F evokes shark fins and menace in a heart beat and is a brilliant piece of movie suspense music.

Saturday Night Fever – There is no better dance-floor filler than the Bee Gees title track ‘Night Fever’, the sound track to the disco film of the century. Flashing dance-floors, outrageous trousers and some of John Travolta’s best dance routines all come to when ‘Night Fever’ plays. Swing rhythm and blues band Ally & The Cats cover the Bee Gees classic in their special rock & roll way!

Rocky – Bill Conti is responsible for ‘Gonna Fly Now’, the main Rocky theme tune. The trumpets, guitars and choral singers stir up emotions of anticipation and excitement that we feel as Rocky ducks and dives his way to victory.


E.T  -  In1982 John Williams composed the theme tune to E.T, suitably titled ‘Flying’! It takes a certain musical genius and sensitivity to match the tenderness and charm at the heart of Spielberg’s blockbuster. Williams’ orchestral piece does this brilliantly, enhancing the magic of E.T. Chelsea String Quartet cover the E.T theme tune beautifully.

Batman – In 1989 Tim Burton got Danny Elfman on board to come up with one of the most icon blockbuster theme tunes of all time! BATMAAAAN… just the letters are enough to bring the infectious, nearly humorous music to mind. 

Top Gun – A variety of pop songs make up the Top Gun compilation but the theme tune ‘Top Gun’ was created by the German composer Harold Faltermeyer. Famed for his talent on keyboard and synths, Faltermeyer came up with a killer synth- mix of guitar and piano to produce the Top Gun theme tune.


Titanic – Celine Dion probably comes to mind when thinking about Titanic, which is understandable as ‘My Heart Will Go On’ lingered on and on in the 1997 charts. However James Horner’s original score is somewhat overlooked, which is a shame because his carefully composed emotive music swings in mood from romantic and playful to foreboding and frightening.

Reservoir Dogs – Super slick hair, Ray Baans in abundance and cool suits are the visual markers Tarantino’s debut movie is famous for. Music is just as important for Tarantino and he isn’t afraid to allow song lyrics to seep directly into the film’s narrative. An explicit example being the torture scene that unfurls to ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’. Manchester-based band Chevrolets perform a brilliant retro version George Baker's song 'Little Green Bag' that features in Reservoir Dogs.

Jurassic Park – Another success for composer John Williams who was 60 when he composed the music for Jurassic Park exactly 20 years ago. Williams’ music is the key to Jurassic Park: the sounds of the prehistoric beasts shuddering stomps, ferocious shrieks and roars had to match the animated rhythms of their on-screen presence. That’s no walk in the park, Jurassic or otherwise!

The Chevrolets

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