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DG Music Welcomes Reet Petite

Published: 18 Jul 12, 02:12pm  |  Author: DG Music

Here at DG Music, we do enjoy a good swing band and these Jumping Jivers are certainly up there with the best of them. As local celebrities in their home town of Kent, they are now ready to bring the swing to the rest of the UK!

Clad in their vintage suits and trilby hats, Reet Petite look like a background band in a gangster movie. During their set you half expect a bar brawl to break out, a beautiful women to ‘swoon’ into the Fred Astaireesque singer’s arms, and the saxophone player to call for a shot of whiskey. Their authenticity is not only entertaining, but also a demonstration of their genuine passion for swing music, and it is this quality that takes Reet Petite out of the amateur circle and into the professional.

Country, Bluegrass and Roots magazine ‘Maverick Magazine’, reviewed Reet Petite as ‘a cut about the rest’, and commented that it was, ‘refreshing to hear authentic-sounding swing and jive music in a contemporary band sung to such quality.’ This quality of sound is the result of each band members expertise in their own instruments, featuring sax, guitar, double bass and drums – they play beautifully together through their dynamic on-stage chemistry. One of the first rules in playing ‘swing’ music, is to be entirely ‘tuned-up’ to the rest of the band, to allow for collaboration and communication, and Reet Petite do this brilliantly.

You must check out their profile page, this is a band not to be missed!

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