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Top 50 Wedding Ceremony Music Choices

Published: 2 May 14, 06:18pm  |  Author: DG Music

Here is the ultimate list of the Top 50 wedding music choices for your ceremony. Watch, listen and browse through the most popular choices from classical, pop and other styles before choosing the ideal soundtrack for your big day!

Whether its deciding on music for the Beginning of the Service,  Entrance of the Bride (Processional), Signing of the Register (Interlude), Exit of the Bride & Groom, (Recessional) or for the guests leaving after the service, we know it can be a tough job so we've created the perfect top 50 list of music to help you along the way!!

Oh... If you need some top tips on how the music fits into the ceremony then take the time to check out our Wedding Ceremony Music Guide.

Anyway, on with the list...

1. Canon in D - Pachelbel

Johann Pachelbel's most famous composition has become one of the most popular pieces for the entrance of the bride. It was originally scored for 3 violins and basso continuo (harpsichord and cello) and is therefore perfect for string quartets but works equally well for other instruments such as the piano, guitar or harp. It is a canon or ground bass, a feature of which is a repeating bass line, lending lots of opportunities for a timely finish when the bride reaches her destination!


2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo

Israel is a Hawaiian musician who became famous outside of hawaii when his 1993 medley of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was released and quickly became a huge hit after featuring in several films, television programmes and television advertisement commercials. Beautiful song for the signing of the register - very calm and relaxing. 

3. Bridal Chorus - Wagner

The 'Bridal Chorus' from the 1850 opera Lohengrin, by German composer Richard Wagner, is a march played for the brides entrance at many formal weddings. In english speaking countries it is generally knows as 'Here comes the bride' or 'Wedding March' - though actually 'wedding march' refers to any piece in march tempo accompanying the entrance or exit of the bride.

4. Better Together - Jack Johnson

'Better Together' is a song written and performed by Jack Johnson. As well as being the first track on Johnson's album 'In Between Dreams', which was released in February 2005, 'Better Together' was released as a single in January 2006 and had huge sucess. Its become a favourite for brides in the recent years for wedding ceremony music and as a first dance choice. 

5. The Four Seasons - Vivaldi

The clip below features the first movement from Vivaldi's 'Spring' but all four concertos are well known and are among the most popular pieces in the classical music repertiore. 

6. Concerto in D for Guitar Largo - Vivaldi

Vivaldi wrote many concertos for various instruments. His Concerto in D for lute and orchestra is one of his most notable compostions. The following example features the serene and beautiful 2nd movement (Largo). Very popular for signing of the register at ceremonies. 

7. Your Song - Elton John

Another great classic and probably Elton's greatest hit apart from 'Candle in the Wind'. It certainly would suit a wedding ceremony for all you old romantics out there. 

8. Clair De Lune - Claude Debussy

'Clair De Lune' is the most famous movement of Claude Debussy's 'Suite Bergamasque', and comes from a poem that means 'Moonlight'. Very chilled and relaxing and would suit signing of the register during the ceremony. Beautiful and one of the most famous pieces of piano music ever! 

9. Glasgow Love Theme - Craig Armstrong

Featured in Craig Armstrong's original soundtrack for the film 'Love Actually' released in 2004. Very popular feel good film and hence why many brides love this music to be included for various parts of their wedding ceremony. Usually the signing of the register as it's very relaxing. 

10. Water Music, Air - Handel 

The Water Music is a set of orchestral pieces composed by George Frederick Handel and was first performed in 1717 on the Thames. 'Air' is particularly popular for entrance of the bride and signing of the register music. 

11. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel

Handel's 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' is a piece from his slightly less well-known oratoria 'Solomon'. It's title alone makes it the perfect piece for the entrance of a bride but it is also popular for the recessional too. Perect for string quartets!

12. Perfect Day - Lou Reed

'Perfect Day' is a song written by Lou Reed in 1972, originally featured on 'Transformer', Reed's second post-Velvet Underground solo album. Its fame was given a boost in the 1990s when it was featured in the 1996 film 'Trainspotting', and after a star-studded version was released as a BBC charity single in 1997, which became the UK's number one single for three weeks. The lryics certainly feel fitting for a wedding ceremony! 

13. Lady Radnor's Suite - Hubert Parry

A late nineteenth century piece composed by Parry. His orchestral pieces prove to be very popular music when it comes to weddings and church services. 

14. Organ Symphony No.5 opus 42 - Charles Marie Widor

Popular appeal being one of the most regularly requested wedding day pieces in the world. Many bride and groom have left the church to the sound of 'the Widor' as its often referred to. If you want this piece at your wedding then make sure the church has a suitable organ and that you book a professional organist to play it!

15. Halleljah Chorus - Handel

The Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel's Messiah, is one of the most well-known musical pieces from the baroque era. It regularly performed as a stand-alone concert piece across the globe and features on many commercials and films. 

16. Ave Maria - Schubert

'Ave Maria' is arguably Schubert's most popular composition and is a favourite choice at all types of events including weddings. Althought it is regularly performed with the Roman Catholic text and prayer Ave Maria, Schubert actually wrote the piece as a setting of the secular text from Walter Scott's poem 'The Lady of the Lake'. So in it's original form and text it is not a religious work. It is usually performed by a soprano singer but solo instrumental transcriptions are commonplace. Not to be confused with 'Ave Maria' by Bach/Gounod... see next entry!

17. Ave Maria - Charles Gounod/Bach

'Ave Maria' by the French composer Charles Gounod is a setting of the prayer 'Ave Maria'. Gounod superimposed the melody over Bach's famous 1st Prelude in C from 'The Well Tempered Clavier'. This piece is only permitted at church ceremonies.

18. The Prince of Denmark's March - Jeremiah Clarke

Commonly referred to as the Trumpet Voluntary - very popular for entrance of the bride and was famously played during the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles at St Pauls Cathedral in 1981.

19. The Secret Wedding - James Horner

'The Secret Wedding' is a song performed by James Horner made famous from its appearance on the soundtrack of the 1995 film 'Braveheart'. Again a very moving, relaxing and calming piece that would fit in nicely with the signing of the register during a wedding ceremony. 

20. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

Song by 'The Verve' from their 1997 album 'Urban Hymns'. Many String Quartets can perform a good rendition of this piece and it works well at any stage of the ceremony.  

21.  Now We Are Free - Taylor Davis

Beautiful piece from the famous 2000 film 'Gladiator' starring Russel Crowe. A very uplifting piece of music that would be perfect for a quieter moment in your ceremony for example the signing of the register. 

22. Chanson De Matin - Edward Elgar

This piece was original composed by Edward Elgar for violin and piano but he went on to orchestrate it later. It is popular because of it's simple melody and quintessentially English sound.

23. Kissing You - Des'ree

Written by Des'ree and Timothy Atack for Baz Luhrmann's 1996 popular film Romeo & Juliet - it plays in a very famous scene in the film when Romeo and Juliet first meet. This piece has become very popular with brides for entrance music and during the signing of the register. 

24. Everybody's Free - Quindon Tarver

Quindon Tarver is an American singer who mainly sang in church before reaching fame in 1996. Most known for his contribution to the film Romeo & Juliet by signing the chorus of 'Everybody's Free'. A wonderful piece of music to use for signing of the register during a wedding ceremony. 

25. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Instrumental) - Elton John

A song from Disney's 1994 animated film The Lion King composed by Elton John with lyrics by Tim Rice. The has become famous due to the film and is classed as one of the best love songs of all time. It would be quite a fitting piece for signing the register or perhaps the entrance of the bride if you wanted a more contemporary feel and wanted to move away from the traditional. 

26. Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

Soundtrack to the very popular Twilight movies released in 2008 - Famous love story and becoming more and more popular for entrance of the bride and signing of the register. 

27. A Day Without Rain - Enya

A day without rain is an instrumental track of her grammy award winning album of 2002. It's a beautiful relaxing instrumental piece which is perfect for the signing of the register at any ceremony. 

28. Only Time - Enya

'Only Time' is another song from Enya's grammy award winning album 'A Day Without Rain'. Her style and voice is certainly appropriate for the relaxing signing of the register at a wedding ceremony. You'd struggle to find any Enya song which doesn't have calming and relaxing tones but these two we've mentioned are by far the two most appropriate.

29. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

This famous single was released in May 1967 remains hugely popular. It was also been in the public eye over the last few years due to disputes over the authroship of that famous organ bach-like melody.

30. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban 

'You Raise Me Up' is an extremely popular song for wedding ceremonies due to the lyrics and emphasis on unity and love in the song. It is very popular as a contemporary hymn in church services. Josh Groban and Westlife poularized the song but the Josh Groban version has a more classical feel to it. Would be appropriate to any part of the wedding ceremony. 

31. Book Of Love (Instrumental) - Peter Gabriel

If you are looking for something a little different and an alternative to classical and opera then this might be right up your street. Signing the register would be the best part of the ceremony in which to use this piece. 

32. Bridal March (Instrumental) - Jonathan Cain 

An interpretation of Wagner's 'Bridal March' by Jonathan Cain which is really very gentle. Could be used for either the entrance of the bride or the signing of the register. A lot softer than your traditional 'Here Comes the Bride' version. 

33. Come Away With Me - Nora Jones

Nora Jones is famous because of her mellow, acoustic pop albums with soul and country overtones. Come Away With Me is without doubt one of her most famous singles and a suitably romantic song to have during a wedding ceremony. 

34. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters - Moby 

This was released by Moby in 1995. It is a spiritual fell to it piece and has become famous through it use in film and TV. This would suit a bride looking for something a little more alternative for her wedding ceremony. 

35. Here Comes The Sun (Instrumental) - The Beatles 

What a classic!! Such a light hearted song and has some really genuine happy tones and feelings - again if you are looking for that alternative unique touch then why not go for a classic Beatles number? This video features our very own Brighton Guitarist...

36. January Rain - David Gray

This song by David Gray is an instrumental acoustic piece with a relaxing and dreamy feel. It would make a beautiful piece to listen during the signing of the register. 

37. She - Elvis Costello

Beautiful romantic song covered by Elvis Costello - Soundtrack to Notting Hill in 1999 - Lovely Lyrics for a wedding - brilliant love song!

38. Wedding March - F. Mendelssohn

THE most famous pieces for the exit of the bride and groom! If you're a traditionalist then it has to be this!

39. Amazed - Lonestar

Lonestar's hit song spent no less than eight weeks at the top of the Billboard country chart. It has been covered by many other artists but this version proves a popular one amongst brides. 

40. The Marriage of Figaro March - Mozart

Mortzart's March from 'The Marriage of Figaro' will create quite a Grand Royal entrance if thats your style! 

41. Meditation from 'Thais' - Massenet

Massenet's 'Meditation' from his opera 'Thais' is a classic. Originally scored for solo violin and orchetra, but has been adpated for all instruments and ensembles including this version featuring cellist Yo Yo Ma. Very relaxing. Perect at any point in the ceremony. 


42. Allegro from 'Brandenburg Concerto No.3' - Bach

Another Baroque classic! Very uplifting for the exit of the bride and groom.

43. Panis Angelicus - Cesar Franck

Latin for "Bread of Angels" and another classic choice for weddings. It was originally written for tenor voice, haro, cello and organ but their are arrangements for almost any musical lineup.

44. The Lord Bless You and Keep You - John Rutter

This song is a sacred but contemporary choral composition by John Rutter. It is restrained and simple making it a beautiful piece for the signing of the register.

45. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

You can't beat a bit of Louis Armstrong and this is one his best hits. It's happy and hopeful sentiment make it an ever-popular song for wedding ceremonies.

46. Love is All Around - Wet, Wet, Wet

Again very popular for weddings after being made famous by the 1994 film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' which led to it spending a staggering 15 consecutive weeks (nearly 4 months!) at the top of the UK singles chart. 

47. Ode To Joy - Symphony No 9 - Beethoven

Considered to be among Beethoven's greatest works and considered by some to be (ahem) the greatest piece of music ever written. Quite a statement! It was the first example of a major composer using voices in a symphony. The words were taken from the 'Ode to Joy' poem written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785. Stands as one of the most played Symphonies in the world. Popular for entrance and exit of the bride. 


48. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

'I'm Yours' is the first single released by Jason Mraz and is still his best selling to date. It's simple statment of love and commitment make it the perfect modern choice.

49.  Songbird - Eva Cassidy

'Songbird' was originally written by Christine McVie and was released on Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album 'Rumours'. Eva Cassiday's version has become the modern favourite. Perfect for the signing of the register.


50. Trumpet Tune - Purcell

And to round up..... May not be everyone's cup of tea but if you want your own personal trumpet fanfare then this is the bridal entrance for you - grand and royal!


That's it! We hope that helped.

Don't forget to check out our Wedding Ceremony Music Guide.

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