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Hire a pianist to add class and flair to your event. Whether you are looking for a classical music. cocktail music, easy listening or contemporary pop, we have some great choices available. Please take the time to browse our list of performers below or click to read more.

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Make Your Event Special By Hiring A Pianist

Certain special events call for certain types of musical entertainment, and while big bands or vocal harmony groups will be perfect for some occasions, others will benefit greatly from the simple addition of a professional pianist. In fact, pianists are a great addition to any kind of special event, especially intimate occasions where you require background music that is both wide ranging and sophisticated. Other events that can benefit from the presence of a pianist include dinners, drinks receptions, wedding breakfasts and cocktail parties. Adding a pianist immediately creates a sense of class and an air of sophistication that can both impress your guests and enhance the mood of an event.

Why Choose A Piano?

The piano itself is one of the most flexible and versatile instruments out there, meaning that pianists can include many different styles of music in their performance, from classical pieces to jazz and popular, contemporary songs. They can even branch out into the world of musical theatre and film, giving your guests a mix of well-known songs that will really help to bring your guests together. So why is the piano such a brilliant instrument, especially when it comes to playing multiple musical genres? For one thing, it has an 88 note range that spans nearly 8 octaves, giving pianists a huge scope for performing music, and the touch sensitivity of the keys allows for a huge range of expression. This is one of the reasons why composers love writing music for the piano, and also why there are so many choices when it comes to a pianists’ repertoire.

Classical Music

So what kind of music can you expect when hiring a pianist for your special occasion? When planning an event such as a dinner or drinks reception, many people choose to hire a classical musician to add an air of class to the proceedings, and employing a pianist is a great way to do this if you don’t want to hire an entire group With a pianist, you can enjoy the music of famous composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Rachmaninov and more. These pieces of music were written specifically for the piano and they really come to life when played in front of an audience. Our pianists regularly include many popular pieces in their repertoire, including Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and ‘Für Elise’, Debussy’s ‘Clair De Lune’, Erik Satie’s ‘Gymnopédie No 1’, and Chopin’s ‘Nocturne in E Flat’, just to name a few. It isn’t solely music written for piano that our pianists perform, however. Classical works written for opera, orchestra and choirs can also be realised on the piano, giving you a huge range of classical music to choose from. In fact, almost anything can be played on the piano, so you can really choose what type of atmosphere you wish to create at your event, whether you stick to the classics or go for something more modern.

Jazz Music

Another popular style that really suits the piano is that of Jazz music. The piano was a defining instrument in the jazz style, featuring heavily from the late 19th century (with Jelly Roll Morton and the ragtime Of Scott Joplin in ‘The Entertainer’) through to more contemporary artists such as Harry Connick Jnr and Jamie Cullum. Other famous jazz pianists include Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Errol Garner, McCoy Tyner, Art Tatum, Red Garland, Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett just to name a few.

Pop Music

Pop Music also makes good use of pianos, with the instrument featuring heavily in songs made famous by pop artists such as Elton John, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Queen, Adele and more. In fact, some of the most well-loved tracks owe their popularity to their use of the piano – just take The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’, Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’, Coldplay’s ‘Trouble’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’, for instance. In fact, so many contemporary songs play homage to the brilliance of this instrument that the possibilities for a pianists’ repertoire are almost endless!

Easy Listening

The piano is also perfect for the genre of Easy Listening, as it can produce beautiful, relaxing music as exemplified by artists like Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, Burt Bacharach and more, not to mention modern classical and film composers such as Ludovico Einaudi and Michael Nyman. This type of music is often used at wedding ceremonies or drinks receptions where the pianist is needed to provide background music. As the name of the genre suggests, this type of music enhances the event while still allowing guests to talk and mingle with ease.

Film & Theatre Music

Which brings us onto the world of film and theatre music.Songs from popular movies and stage shows can easily be replicated on the piano, and hugely popular music from The West End, Broadway and movie classics such as Star Wars and James Bond can really create an epic atmosphere at your event. Just imagine the Star Wars theme tune or a popular Broadway song such as ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ opening the evening of entertainment. Everyone will know the track and it will definitely give them something to talk about after the event has finished.

Other Music & Events

If you’re holding a festive event, the piano is also perfect for performing traditional music such as folk songs or classic hymns. Of course, pianists can also play Christmas carols for your festive special occasions, giving the night a warm and cosy feel. Guests will love hearing their favourite Christmas songs being played on the piano, and may even start singing along if enough encouragement is given! A sing-a-long by the piano at Christmas is truly festive, and it will give your guests a night to truly remember. Blues, Boogie Woogie and Rock n Roll also all feature popular pieces made famous by the piano; just think of Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Albert Ammons, Little Richard and – more recently – Jools Holland. Just look at our individual artist pages to see the type of music they normally include in their performances.

Hire A Professional Pianist Today

Here at DG Music we have a wide variety of experienced, professional pianists available to hire from all over the UK, including Leicester Pianist, Derbyshire Pianist and many more. While most of them will supply their own full-size digital piano (and don’t worry if you have limited space, all they need is approx. 2m by 2m), they will be happy to play a grand piano if available. All they require is that it is well maintained and has recently been tuned, ideally on the day of the performance. In the case of digital pianos, these can be played outside as long as there is power available and adequate shelter from direct sunlight, so you can include a pianist in your event no matter where it is being held. Pianists usually charge by the hour, and they are a great and affordable way to give your event that touch of elegance. Please browse our list of pianists below for more information on their rates and repertoires and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

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David Graham
Add To FavouritesDavid Graham from £295

David Graham is a very versatile pianist based in Rutland. He is comfortable playing jazz, classical and pop styles, and can be booked for wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions, wedding breakfasts or as a cocktail pianist to add a touch of style to any event.

Based in Rutland

View Profile
Ivan Organist
Add To FavouritesIvan Organist from £270

Ivan is a professional organist based in Rutland. He has a wealth of experience performing both concert recitals and for religious services including weddings.

Based in Oakham

View Profile
Lincolnshire Pianist
Add To FavouritesLincolnshire Pianist from £245

Mark is a talented pianist who as well as classical repertoire has a wide range of modern pieces from artists such as Adele, Coldplay, Take That, Ludovico Einaudi and more.

Based in Lincolnshire

View Profile
Fraser Graham
Add To FavouritesFraser Graham from £245

Fraser Graham is a classically trained piano recitalist and teacher, based in Rutland in the East Midlands, and is an emerging talent in the UK.

Based in Rutland

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Kate (singer)
Add To FavouritesKate (singer) from £395

Kate is a gifted and passionate singer and pianist based in London. Her dulcet tones and beautiful piano arrangements, ranging from jazz to classical, provide an ambient atmosphere perfect for special occasions.

Based in London

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Birmingham Pianist
Add To FavouritesBirmingham Pianist from £295

Al is a professional pianist based in the Birmingham area, available for wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions and dinners and can play a variety of styles to suit the occasion whether jazz, classical or pop.

Based in Warwickshire

View Profile
London Jazz Pianist
Add To FavouritesLondon Jazz Pianist from £245

This London based Jazz pianist can provide the sparkling and sophisticated entertainment needed for your event!

Based in London

View Profile
Richard Busiakiewicz
Add To FavouritesRichard Busiakiewicz from £295

Richard Busiakiewicz is a professional jazz pianist based in Buckinghamshire with over 25 years of playing experience. Available as a solo jazz pianist or with other jazz instrumentalists, he is the perfect choice for all types of event.

Based in Buckinghamshire

View Profile
Paul Sawtell
Add To FavouritesPaul Sawtell from £245

Paul is a professional pianist, based in Birmingham, with over 35 years experience playing a wide range of repertoire and styles.

Based in Birmingham

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Smoky McNab
Add To FavouritesSmoky McNab from £500

Smoky McNab is a piano/vocal and saxophone duo performing a mixture of rock n roll, boogie woogie, jazz and blues music. This is one duo that has to be seen to be believed!

Based in Northamptonshire

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Derbyshire Pianist
Add To FavouritesDerbyshire Pianist from £245

Our Derbyshire Pianist is a fantastic jazz and cocktail pianist, with a repertoire that also includes pop and easy-listening as well as classical, making him a great soloist for any occasion.

Based in Derbyshire

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Pianist Marcos
Add To FavouritesPianist Marcos from £215

Marcos is a cocktail pianist offering elegant and stylish performances from classical and easy listening to jazz, Latin and Film music.

Based in London

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TEL: 01572 756386   EMAIL:

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