The Piano Cafe

Record Store

DG Music resides within Rutland’s only independent record store, The Piano Cafe… probably the coolest place in town. What started off as a simple of idea to create a comfortable, chill space for people to visit, quickly turned into something more.

Vinyl Revival

Once the idea of selling records was set and starting off with just a small box of personal records, we have quickly amassed an impressive collection of second-hand vinyl.

What type of music do we sell? I’m glad you asked… we have everything from Rock, Jazz and Prog, to Folk, Dance and modern chart. We may even boast a select few very collectible items.


Not just content with being a part of the ever-growing vinyl revival, we also provide Rega turntables and Hi-Fi. We’ve also delved into the humble cassette revival and all things retro.


Looking for some new, music related threads? No problem! We also have a range of unique T-Shirts which have been specially designed in collaboration with designer Tin Pan Ally

Check them all out here


Of course, we couldn’t be The Piano Cafe, if we didn’t supply coffee. So, feel free to pop in, try our fantastic coffee (or tea) and perhaps have an Ice-Cream to boot.