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If you are currently planning an important event – whether it be a wedding, a reception, a dinner, a corporate event or any other type of special occasion – and you wish to give the day an air of sophistication and elegance, then you can’t go wrong with hiring a harpist to add a bit of class to the proceedings.

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When you think of harpists you probably think of classical music, and while this does make up a large portion of their repertoire, harpists can also include many other different styles of music into their sets. For example, many take pieces from classical music and mix them with more contemporary songs from film, musicals and modern pop or chart music to create an interesting and eclectic collection that will suit most styles and tastes.

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, harpists are always in high demand as their presence immediately creates a calming, magical atmosphere that will add to your lifelong memories of your special day. However, these types of musicians are just as well received at celebration drinks or dinners and even work gatherings where colleagues can enjoy each other’s company while listening to some exquisite background music. If you’re planning an Asian wedding, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that many of our harpists also cover Bollywood music, with many also including folk and traditional music in their repertoires.

And then, of course, we have the actual instrument itself. While they are incredibly soothing and calming to listen to, they are also aesthetically beautiful to look at, and with a well-presented harpist sitting beside this stunning instrument, it always creates quite a stir at any kind of special event. When it comes to both harps and harpists, they immediately add a distinct level of stylishness to their surroundings.

So why choose a classical musician such as a harpist for your special event? There’s something about classical music – especially played by harpists – that can transform the mood and atmosphere of any social occasion. It can be uplifting, it can be thought-provoking, it can create life-long memories and it can remind you of times in your past. It can enhance your guests’ experience and give them something they will never forget. This type of classical music is timeless, elegant, sophisticated, and magical. Simply put, nothing else you organise for your event will have as much impact as booking a classical musician to perform, and a harpist will help to create a beautiful ambience whether it’s for a drinks reception, a wedding ceremony or other special event.

Harpists are generally extremely versatile, and will play a variety of music that includes both well-known classical works and popular contemporary pieces such as pop music and songs from films and musicals. Another reason why they are so versatile is that they are completely acoustic and need little space (compared to a choir or a large musical group, for instance), and can easily perform outdoors as they don’t need an electricity supply. It is worth noting, however, that adequate shelter will need to be provided to prevent the harp from being damaged by direct sunlight. Another thing to be aware of is access – if your event space is upstairs, please take this into consideration when hiring a harpist; harps can be taken up and down stairs but due to their size it needs to be a straight run with no awkward turns in the staircase.

In terms of cost, harpists usually work by having a basic rate for one or two hours minimum (including setting up time) and then by having an additional charge for each hour required on top of that. Some harpists charge a fixed price for a particular stage of the day, such as drinks, ceremony, dinner and so on. For more information on rates, select your required number of hours from the dropdown menu in the Instant Quote box. If you are looking to book a harpist for your wedding ceremony and wish to request certain songs or musical pieces, we can arrange for the harpist to incorporate your chosen music into their repertoire for the day. Please note that some may charge a small fee for learning pieces if they are previously unknown to them, but the advantages and memories that will be built by including a personally chosen piece will far outweigh this cost.

Here at DG Music we work with harpists based all over the UK, some of which form duos with other musicians such as players of the flute, violin, cello, clarinet, or a second harp. Some of our most popular harpists include Leicester Harpist and Harpist Cecily in London, but we have far more available to choose from. To see how a harpist could transform your special event, please browse our list of artists below or contact us with any queries you may have.

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Eleanor Turner
Add To FavouritesEleanor Turner from £395

Eleanor Turner is a professional harpist based in Lincolnshire and is without doubt one of the best in the UK.

Based in Lincolnshire

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Rutland Harpist
Add To FavouritesRutland Harpist from £355

A versatile and talented harpist from Rutland, Harriet delivers an elegant and polished performance every time.

Based in Rutland

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Leicester Harpist
Add To FavouritesLeicester Harpist from £345

A young and exciting harpist from Leicestershire, Soraya offers the most beautiful, classical and contemporary, musical ambiance for your special event.

Based in Leicestershire

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Warwick Harpist
Add To FavouritesWarwick Harpist from £295

Audrey is a professional harpist based in Warwickshire and is especially in demand for weddings and corporate work. Her engagements have included playing for royalty and celebrities.

Based in Warwickshire

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Glasgow Harpist
Add To FavouritesGlasgow Harpist from £320

Sharron is a professional Harpist from Glasgow, available for hire throughout Scotland. She has 20 years of experience as a function & wedding harpist, and an extensive repertoire of both Classical and Popular music.

Based in Glasgow

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Lincolnshire Harpist
Add To FavouritesLincolnshire Harpist from £275

Lincolnshire based harpist Rowena, has been a professional harpist for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience.

Based in Lincolnshire

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Harpist Cecily
Add To FavouritesHarpist Cecily from £445

Cecily is a professionally trained harpist based in London. Her skilled playing and elegant style, will provide a beautiful ambience for your special day.

Based in London

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Cambridge Harpist
Add To FavouritesCambridge Harpist from £295

Rebecca is a professional harpist based in Cambridge and over the last 7 years has played at many venues across East Anglia.

Based in Cambridge

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Worcestershire Harpist
Add To FavouritesWorcestershire Harpist from £310

Our Worcestershire Harpist Meredith, is an experienced, professional harpist based in Worcestershire available for weddings, private and corporate functions.

Based in Worcestershire

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Arabesque Flute & Harp Duo
Add To FavouritesArabesque Flute & Harp Duo from £540

Arabesque is a professional flute and harp duo based in Hertfordshire, specialising in providing beautiful music at weddings, parties and corporate events across the UK and abroad.

Based in St Albans

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Northamptonshire Harpist
Add To FavouritesNorthamptonshire Harpist from £275

Elizabeth is an extremely talented and experienced harpist based in Northampton. She plays for weddings and other special occasions throughout the Midlands.

Based in Northampton

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Welsh Harpist
Add To FavouritesWelsh Harpist from £345

Catrin is a professional harpist based in North Wales who is in high demand for weddings, corporate and private functions.

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