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Carmen at The Royal Opera House

Published: 3 Dec 18, 03:01pm  |  Author: DG Music

Last weekend, our social media guru, Harriet, went to see Carmen at The Royal Opera House in London. Here she gives her thoughts!

Carmen is one of the world's best loved operas, and rightly so. Full of instantly recognisable tunes, passion and an eponymous temptress at the heart of it all, Carmen was initially received with mixed reviews at its premiere in 1875. Sadly, its composer, Georges Bizet, died within a few short months and never lived to see the worldwide success of his masterpiece. 


This production of Carmen is relatively new and has definitely ruffled feathers in its own way. It is a highly sexualised performance of the opera, heavily symbolic while also remaining light hearted and funny. The entire stage is taken up by a giant flight of steps which form the basis for every scene: mountains, a bar, a prison and a factory. The entire cast is monochrome, with the exception of a matador dressed completely in pink! 

The central character, Carmen, is a dangerous woman who fools everyone. She falls in and out of love (or is it love?) with many men, tempting them in and then throwing them away when she gets bored. However, they cannot forget her which paves the way for many an interesting encounter between lovers! 

I was thrilled to be able to get tickets - they sell out fast! Having never seen professional opera before, I thought why not go big for the first one? The Royal Opera House is a truly wonderful venue, beautiful and the staff were all so helpful.

From an audience point of view, I adored the whole experience. I went with a friend who is an artist so we both appreciated different elements of the performance. 

Friends at the Opera

We went the whole hog and had champgne before and during the performance - when in Rome - and while our seats were fairly vertiginous, we had a wonderful view of the orchestra. I loved seeing both the clarinets and harp (my instruments) and to hear the orchestra was just like hearing a recording - it was perfect!

View From The Gods

In terms of the entire experience, I could not recommend Royal Opera House more. Of course, you expect world class quality from a world class venue but it exceeded expectations in every way. Yes, it's an expensive night out but if you want to see live opera, there is nowhere better in my opinion.

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