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Alternative Wedding Bands

Published: 18 Jul 15, 10:12am  |  Author: Pembroke Tenneson

A standard wedding band isn’t for everyone. But no worries: you can choose the music you love, not the music you’re expected to have, now more than ever. Join us as we give you a rundown of a few of the options.

You don’t have to choose a straightforward function band to play well-known covers to fill the dancefloor. No way - you can book whatever music you like for your wedding. Non-traditional wedding music is rapidly growing more popular, and the alternative choices for wedding bands are almost endless. It just depends on your sense of adventure, and the dozens of alternative bands we work with are just as professional and organised as regular wedding performers.

Maybe you’d like to make history and host the first performance of musique concrete at a wedding. This may not be the best way to get the guests dancing, though.

Sounds from around the world

Cuarteto Cubana never fail to get the crowd out on the dancefloor. Their lively blend of Cuban, Salsa and Latin music is backed by bewitching on-stage performances, and lead singer Adriana is a native Cuban with ten years' experience singing in the Havana music scene with local legends.

Adriana of Cuarteto Cubana

Adriana of Cuarteto Cubana.


Jalapeno Hot Club owe no allegiance to any one era or musical style. These immensely talented musicians have a huge repertoire that stretches from the 1950s to the modern day, encompassing bossa nova, rock, swing and boogie, all mixed together into one exhilarating brew. The four musicians have a top-drawer sound system, and a close personal bond that clearly shows on stage.

Jalapeno Hot Club

Jalapeno Hot Club.

Mariachi Madness' bold, crazy performances make an unconventional alternative to a standard band with their Mexican-themed spins on famous pop and rock songs. It's oddly suited to weddings, with plenty of energy and flair to go around. Key members of your wedding party will get special attention from the band!

Mariachi Madness

Modern hits with a Mexican twist.

Sounds from another time

If your wedding is themed with a specific decade or style in mind - or if you just the music of a certain time - there are bands available to recreate the atmosphere and greatest hits of decades past.

The Chevrolets apply the sweet sounds of yesterday to modern chart-topping hits. Equipped with real 1960s and 70s guitars and amplifiers, plus a double-bass from the 1850s, they rearrange the songs you know from the radio with an all-new (or rather, old) sound. Guests young and old can enjoy their sharply-dressed act and blend of sounds from across the decades.

The Chevrolets

The Chevrolets.

If you like grease in your hair and twanging guitars, the furious ‘50s rock and roll of the widely-acclaimed Houndogs, or rockabilly from the Wildwind trio will get your hips moving. The Houndogs in particular give hugely energetic performances, and have a following of fans around the UK.

The Houndogs

The Houndogs in action.

If your prefer strutting your stuff to funky 70's classics, Boogie Nights, covering the greatest hits of the disco era and beyond. Abba, Kool and the Gang, Daft Punk and Chic all appear in their setlist.

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights.

For a truly guilty pleasures, it just so happens that we have 80's Mania ready to play the biggest hits of the 'me' decade, complete with keytar, synths, Frankie shirts and sunglasses - which they wear at night.

80's Mania

Awesomely 80s.

Present your Tributes

Tribute or themed bands can recreate the sound and feel of your favourite artists without the extra expense or hassle (like bringing certain artists back from the grave, for example) of booking the real thing. Getting the real Rolling Stones to play your wedding is the longest of long shots, but a Rolling Stones Tribute provides just as much sound and fury, and they’ll play all the hits. Likewise our Beatles Tribute, complete with George and John, bless their departed souls.

Rolling Stones Tribute

The Rolling Stones Tribute Band.

You might take your fandom a step further with a James Bond tribute, playing the themes to every one of the famous spy’s films.

James Bond Tribute Band

The full James Bond Tribute Band. Instruments were developed by Q branch, naturally.

Choose your genre

If you're after a particular sound rather than a specific band or era, you're even more spoilt for choice. Skimming from our list of artists, you can find SkaFunk and Rock in abundance, plus dozens of other genres and styles. 

The Paradimes

The Paradimes.

The point we’re getting at here is that the sky isn’t the limit. It’s your imagination. And, we suppose, your budget. But if you ask us - and many of you have - we reckon the money should go on music, drink, and food, in that order!


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