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Music ideas for a flash corporate bash

Published: 27 Aug 14, 11:03am  |  Author: DG Music

Office parties and corporate events come in all shapes and sizes, with each one requiring a different style of entertainment.

They tend to fall into one of two categories – a formal dinner or a party – and when it comes to providing music for your staff to enjoy, it really comes down to whether you want them to be mingling or dancing.

Once you’ve got this figured out, the rest is easy.

The atmosphere surrounding most corporate dinners is sophisticated with a touch of class, so you probably won’t want the latest rap or heavy metal tunes blaring out as your guests arrive.

Similarly no one will be ready to hit the dance floor as soon as they arrive. An acoustic duo, classical musician or jazz band are a much better option to welcome your guests, giving them a chance to chat and mingle before sitting down to dinner.

And there’s no need to worry if you fear corporate background music by a classical musician will be too stuffy or old fashioned for a younger mix of guests. Professional musicians will have a wide repertoire of classical and contemporary pieces which they will adapt to suit their audience.

Check out this video of our Brighton Guitarist - a perfect choice for welcoming your guests.

Acoustic singers and jazz bands are also versatile enough to perform right the way through your event. Many offer different line-up options so you might be able to add extra musicians as the evening goes on.

If you hire a jazz band you may be able to have just a couple of the musicians playing as your guests arrive and during dinner before expanding the line-up for the after-dinner entertainment.

If you want your corporate event to have more of a party atmosphere, your musical needs will be different.

It’s still a good idea to start off with something relaxed as your guests arrive before stepping up a gear to get the party going.

As with the formal dinner, it is possible to find musicians to see you through from start to finish. One of our most popular acoustic duos, Joel & Martha, can perform in the early stages of your event before joining their band mate from the Supernovas for the after-dinner party.

Watch these clips of Joel and Martha perform as a duo...

... and with the band.

We have a whole range of function bands for hire which are perfect for this kind of party, from style-specific groups like rockabilly band The Houndogs to cover bands like The Atlantics who perform a bit of everything.

Click here to see more corporate band hire options from DG Music.

Aside from the music, many event organisers like to include additional entertainment on the side and despite being a music agency we can help with that too.

Ideas you might like to consider include magicians, who can circulate among your guests to perform their close up tricks, or caricaturists who can provide keepsake pictures from the event. We even have circus performers for hire.

With such a wide range of fantastic entertainment options available for your corporate event, your staff will jump at the chance to spend that extra time with the boss!

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