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Soul, Funk & Motown Bands

We have a variety of soul, funk & motown bands available to hire for your event. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and other functions, these bands will have your guests on the dance-floor all night long! Please browse our list of artists below:

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Aretha Franklin. Stevie Wonder. Diana Ross. James Brown. The Jackson 5. Think of any of these brilliant artists and you’ll immediately be in the mood to party, which is why we provide a huge list of singers and bands that can turn your gathering into a night to remember. Funk, Soul and Motown cover various genres of music, but they’re listed here together due to the many stylistic crossovers between them.

For instance, several soul artists – such as the legendary Stevie Wonder – were signed to the famous Motown Records label and were well known for their funky sound and soul roots. This type of music also includes singers such as Jackie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, The Isley Brothers, Martha Reeves, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, The Jackson Sisters, Martha and The Vandellas, and many more. Just think funky, soul music with groovy vocal harmonies and you’ll be on the right lines.

But what do we actually mean when we refer to funk, soul and Motown music? Basically, ‘funk’ was a type of dance music that was very popular initially during the late 60s and 70s, and it evolved out of other genres of African music, such as the blues. Famous funk artists include James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Rick James and The Temptations. In comparison, soul music combines gospel with R 'n' B, and recordings by Sam Cooke, James Brown and Ray Charles in the 50s are thought to be the origins of soul music. Motown, on the other hand, refers to the Motown Records label which was founded in Detroit in 1959 and which featured a pop-influenced style of R 'n' B. It also played a crucial role in racial integration by bringing these artists into popular music. Other famous record labels which produced these genres of music include Stax Records and Atlantic Records.

So what else makes Funk, Soul and Motown so unique? One thing is the inclusion of brass instruments; trumpet, saxophone and trombone combinations form a big part of this kind of music, with a shining example being the brilliant The Memphis Horns, a band who played on many Stax Records. As well as brass, we have bass as a key factor of this style of music; artists who used famous bass lines include Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, and James Jamerson, a session player at Motown who played on many tracks including those by Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Temptations and more.

So, if you want your night to be funky – but with a bit of soul as well – have a look through our variety of Soul, Funk and Motown bands that you can hire. Whether you’re planning your perfect wedding, a corporate event or family function, these bands will have your party guests dancing all night long! From the youngest flower girl to your great granny, guests of all ages will love these famous hits, as this genre covers classic pieces of music from the 60s and 70s right up to modern day. In fact, there are several big names in the current music business who either fall into this genre, or who take their inspiration from funk, soul and Motown bands of the past: Beyoncé is a prime example of this, but also included are Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, CeeLo Green, Jamiroquai and Macy Gray. This type of music is simply timeless in this regard.

Check out one of our top bands live in action, Funk Soul Brother...

Funk, Soul and Motown music was made for special events; no other genres of music will be able to give you such a wide range of well-known hits, with all of them guaranteed to get your party guests on their feet. With this type of band playing at your wedding, birthday party or corporate event, you’ll also be setting yourself apart from the rest; a live band will give your party a completely different feel to using a DJ, and as all of our bands (many of which are at least 5/6 piece and often 8/9 piece) have extensive repertoires, with both male and female lead vocalists covering hits from Al Green to Ray Charles, The Supremes to Tina Turner and Marvin Gaye to The Four Tops, you’ll be able to get the soundtrack of your dreams, no matter what your event.

While we have many different bands and artists on offer that will bring you the very best in funk, soul and Motown – many of which will also include disco music, giving your party even more of a ‘get up and dance’ feel to it – one of our best bands in this category are Funk Soul Brother and Get Funked, who have experienced great success working all over the world. We also have a wide range of other small and large bands available, so you’re bound to find something to suit you and your event perfectly.

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Funk Soul Brother
Add To FavouritesFunk Soul Brother from £2000

Funk Soul Brother is one of the UK's best funk, soul and party bands. A line up of 6 or 8 talented musicians recreate a funktastic mixture of classic and contemporary dance tunes to ensure a full dance floor at any event. Expect groovy tunes ...

Based in Rutland

View Profile
Monroe Band
Add To FavouritesMonroe Band from £1250

Monroe Band is fantastic 4 piece band fronted by female vocalist Polly Yates. The band is based in Leicester but prepared to travel across the UK for weddings and events.

Based in Leicestershire

View Profile
Add To FavouritesAvatar from £1375

Avatar is one of the funkiest professional party bands in the UK with a repertoire that ranges from Aretha Franklin to Adele , Frank Sinatra to Queen, The Beatles to the Bee Gees and Michael Jackson to The Black-Eyed Peas.

Based in Cambridgeshire

View Profile
Fat Chance Band
Add To FavouritesFat Chance Band from £1875

The Fat Chance Band is a highly flexible party band with a fine pedigree of musicians who can boast performances with Robbie Williams, Bee Gees, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, and Shirley Bassey.

Based in Berkshire

View Profile
Fruit Machine
Add To FavouritesFruit Machine from £1940

A dynamic 7 Piece Soulful band based in the north west, Fruit Machine can provide the live music to get your party started!

Based in Greater Manchester

View Profile
Cool Cats
Add To FavouritesCool Cats from £1400

London based 5 piece jazz band Cool Cats, will provide the sophisticated and ambient atmosphere for your celebration!

Based in London

View Profile
Add To FavouritesPlayback from £1250

Playback are a fun and talented group of professional musicians from North West England. They are perfect for weddings, parties and functions because Playback offer a range of instrumental options including electric guitar, keyboards and saxophone to name a few!

Based in Cheshire

View Profile
Jet Stream
Add To FavouritesJet Stream from £1250

Jet Stream is a London-based band with female vocals and a range of line-up options including keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and a horn section who are committed to getting the dance floor filled!

Based in London

View Profile
Add To FavouritesConfetti from £1250

Confetti is a young 4 piece band with female lead vocals, based in Hertfordshire, perfect for weddings and parties of all kinds. They are able to perform both nationally and internationally and always deliver a fun yet professional performance.

Based in Surrey

View Profile
Add To FavouritesUrbansonic from £2340 +VAT

Urbansonic is an amazing party band based in London bringing together the best of classic and contemporary pop music. This is the perfect band for the perfect wedding or corporate event.

Based in London

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The Downloads
Add To FavouritesThe Downloads from £1250

The Downloads are an exciting band with a highly energetic and dynamic stage performance, featuring chart hits from the 60s to the present day.

Based in London

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Motown Magic
Add To FavouritesMotown Magic from £2725

Motown Magic is one of the UK's best Motown bands. The seven piece line-up, fronted by three amazing female singers, recreates Motown and Soul classics by the likes of The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin .

Based in Surrey

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