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7 Piece Band£2,000

Female Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Blues Harp/Strum Box, Double-Bass, Drums

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2 x 45 minute sets

CG & The Hotrods are a fantastic rock n roll band with a captivating female vocalist in the style of Imelda May.


This 6-piece band comprises musicians of the highest calibre with an impressive music pedigree across a range of retro-genres. Double bass, guitar and sax have played together for a decade and this tightly knit rhythm and blues section permeates the core of the sound they make. Combine this with an exceptional drummer to add the driving force, and incredible, dazzling, authentic vocals from the lead singer – a live wire of passionate performance straight outta the 50s, she never fails to capture the audience’s full attention.

Great Sound

The sound effortlessly blends rhythm and blues, jump-jive, rockabilly, swing and good ol’ rock and roll, and has impressed a hugely diverse range of audiences from hard-core old-school rockers, wedding guests and festival crowds!

The Golden Age

This band is something brand new, and presents the complete package – extremely talented and experienced musicians, a defined style, presence and stage show that engages with every type of audience, and of course most importantly tunes that get every crowd foot-tapping and up and dancing. Each performance is a step back in time to a golden age of real music played to the highest standard and with passion and energy straight from the heart.

Effortless Style

This band walks out on stage – a beautiful 50s diva and her sharp-dressing rock ‘n’ roll boys - and people immediately know they are in for something very special. They never fail to truly connect with everyone watching – their stage show, interaction and natural warmth always ensure that any audience feels truly included which adds further to their appeal.

50s swinging rock n roll, rockabilly and rhythm and blues, covering the songs of...

Wanda Jackson

Elvis Presley

Ruth Brown

Laverne Baker

Janice Martin

Louis Prima and Keeley Smith

Etta James

early James Brown

Gene Vincent

Imelda May

Nina Simone

Buddy Griffin

Big T Tyler

… and many more!

Niamh  - Lead Vocals

Niamh - Lead Vocals

Niamh started her singing career in the clubs and smoky bars of the Sin City of Brighton… such as the Kit Kat Klub World Famous Burlesque night. She also sings with the Keith Peters Big Band and has guested with the Jive Aces. She is inspired by a love of vintage style – and enjoys competing with Nigella on the homestead making cup cakes!

Johnny - Double Bass

Johnny has been playing rockabilly bass since the age of 14. He was a founding member of the Sharp Cuts and the Sling Shots in his youth, appearing on ‘New Faces’, playing for Princess Diana, and numerous TV appearances, before going on to play with such modern day greats as King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys, and bringing some rockabilly slap to Richard Hawley and Tony Christie’s albums, appearing on Radio 1 and The Jonathan Ross Show in 2008 with the song “Serious”.

Bryan - Guitar and Vocals

Bryan’s ‘Cliff Gallup’ style playing has earned him acclaim up and down the country, and his divine Louie Prima-esque vocals are heard on many tracks, both as lead and harmony. He’s performed live on Radio 1, played guitar in Babybird, is (critically acclaimed) Jody Wildgoose's right hand man, plays with the kitsch electro-pop duo ‘The Lovers’, and sung with Richard Hawley. He plays guitar and keys with Tony Christie and performed on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2009.

Rob - Saxophone & Guitar

Rob has played professionally since the age of 15, as a multi-instrumentalist from jazz sax to rock 'n' roll guitar, classical clarinet to pop bass. He’s played on 8 albums, hundreds of live gigs, and over 70 shows on Portuguese national TV with Rock 'n' Roll legends The Lucky Duckies. He was also a key member of Sheffield pop pioneers Seafruit, Nu-Jazz collective Convenience Shopping, and popular swing band Katz Kiely and the Brothers de Vout. He is not keen on celery, and can skate backwards!

Ian - Drums

Ian started playing with the Sheffield Youth Jazz Orchestra aged 15, which toured internationally and appeared on ‘Opportunity Knocks’! He played with the Premier Jazz Band for many years, and continues to play for the Keith Peters Big Band. He has also had 10 years experience in rhythm and blues bands, especially Slim & the Big Man Blues Band. His driving rhythm and outstanding solos have earned him his other nickname of ‘Bim Bam Bagshaw’! He has hundreds of live gigs, sessions, and several albums under his belt.

General Information:

Name: CG & The Hotrods

Location: Sheffield

Main Category: Rock n Roll & Jive Bands

Other Categories: Bands, Live Music


7 Piece Band (default): Female Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, Blues Harp/Strum Box, Double-Bass, Drums


Standard Set Times: 2 x 45 minute sets

Set Up Time: 1hrs 30 mins

Usual Evening Arrival Time: 18:00

Usual Evening Finish Time: 0:00

Space Required (w x d):

7 Piece Band (default): 7.0m x 4.0m

Sound & Lighting:

PA suitable for: Up to 200 people

Stage Lighting: No

Dance Floor Lighting: No

Free use of PA via iPod: No

DJ included: No

TEL: 01572 756386   EMAIL:

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