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The Dynamics

Published: 28 Jun 13, 04:14pm  |  Author: DG Music

The Dynamics are an indie band from Leicester who have been rocking clubs, pubs and parties for over a decade. The all male 4 piece group aren’t your usual cover band… no cheesy covers here! The Dynamics are enthusiastic, passionate and rock & roll to the core.

The best music gets you on your feet and keeps you dancing all night. The Dynamics thrive on doing just this by playing sing-along hits from artists like Muse, The Killers, U2, The Strokes and Kasabian.

The difference between a good indie cover band and a brilliant one is whether or not they can wow their audience. Nothing is worse than a poor imitation of a favourite song! There are no corny covers with The Dynamics; it’s uncanny to hear them perform Muse’s Hysteria for example. Then to follow this by launching into an Arctic Monkeys song will blow your guests away!

The Dynamics are made up from lead and back vocals, bass guitar, leading and rhythm guitars and drums. Thelead guitarist is renowned for solos and guitar licks that only an experienced musician can master. Lead vocalist Andy is the perfect rock and roll front man, matching his vocal talent with a charismatic stage presence that crowds love.

No band is complete without an awesome bassist and drummer. The Dynamics have both! Their powerhouse of a drummer has years of experience playing all over the world. Together these professional and passionate musicians form The Dynamics who can rock a crowd of any size.

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