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Govannen Release New Album

Published: 21 Aug 12, 11:21am  |  Author: DG Music

DG Music's Ceilidh Band, Govannen, have just released a new album, Celtic Earth (released on Paradise Music) as a follow up to their award winning album Celtic Fire, which so far has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide!

Award winning band Govannen, are one of the greatest Celtic music bands in the UK, and this recent album release is a most welcome addition to their vast discography. Celtic Earth is a narrative album that draws upon traditional Celtic music and world music influences, evoking images of the Celts travels across Europe to their homelands. The rich sounds produced by Irish whistles, banjos, sitars, and other traditional instruments, create a truly beautiful setting that reminds us why Celtic music has been enjoyed for centuries. Their use of Celtic Harp is particularly inspiring, and is played with a poignancy that draws the music to its rural routes.

In the albums last track 'Farewell,' Govannen use the chant from the opening track with the addiction of vocals, bringing the album to a symbolic close. By beginning and ending with this atmospheric chant, the album presents the evolving journey of Celtic music. It travels far and wide, soaks up influences from other genres and cultures, and yet always remains true to its own traditions.

Click here to listen and find out more!

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2 Comments to “Govannen Release New Album”

Govannen are groovy!

Great news about the new Govannen album! Govannen are fantastic, especially that handsome guitarist who wears the hat!

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