12 Alternative Favour Ideas

Favours can often be an expensive element of a wedding that frequently is overlooked by guests. You’ve just had the mingling of the drinks reception, your guests are called into the wedding breakfast, often to sit next to people they do not know. Why not create a real surprise and a conversation starter once they find their table? Here’s some alternative wedding ideas to what you might expect…

1 – Wildflower Seeds

A little packet of seeds are perfect for an eco wedding and will definitely give your guests something to take away from the day. Simply sprinkle over any flower bed and in a few months an array of flowers will begin to bloom.

We found them online for as little as £3.

2 – Confetti

If you’re looking for an alternative timeline for your day, why not save the confetti until later on, giving it as a favour. Two birds – one stone!

3 – Pebbles

Pebbles can be a beautiful personal touch at a wedding, especially if they are collected on your favourite beaches. They can even be handwritten with a name to create a placename too – money saving and unique!

4 – Christmas Decorations

If you’re having a festive feel to your wedding, why not gift each of your guests a Christmas decoration? It may turn out to be a little pricier than your average favour but it is definitely something to keep for years afterwards. You can even incorporate their name – another placename idea!

5 – Small Bottles of Spirits

Everyone loves extra alcohol at a wedding! Homemade sloe gin or a flavoured liqueur are a fantastic way of giving a little something extra to your guests. Just double check with your venue as some may not allow the consumption of alcohol not purchased on the premises.

6 – Jam Jars

Another DIY option, jam jars full of homemade jam or honey are a lovely takeaway from your wedding. They don’t have to be big; perhaps large enough to have your guest’s name on as a name place too! 

7 – Cupcakes or Cake Pops

If you would like to save money in a different way, why not have cupcakes or cake pops as an alternative option to the wedding cake? You could have individually decorated cakes for each table to reflect the theme of your wedding.

8 – Soap Bars

It’s nothing personal! Soap is soaper (sorry!) easy to make and you can even buy a custom made stamp with your wedding date on it to make the favour truly memorable.

9 – Coasters

Another way to save money and kill two birds with one stone, or slate in this case. Handwritten names on slate coasters make a beautiful takeaway eco-friendly favour, and double up as a place name.

Check out Inviting Writing, one of DG Music’s Partners, for any stationery and signage for your wedding.

10 – Colouring Books

If you choose to invite children to your wedding, you may need to provide them with an activity. A placemat with a bespoke colouring picture, perhaps including their name, will be a wonderful distraction, and a piece of artwork they can take away with them!

11 – Bubbles!

Not just for children! How many adults do you know who secretly love bubbles? We know plenty and bottles of the good stuff will go down a treat. You can buy large bottles of bubble solution and then decant them into individual small glass bottles – perhaps even named to double up as a placename!

12 – Lavender

The most relaxing scent around, lavender is both eco-friendly and relatively cheap to buy in large quantities. Why not fill a small hemp bag with lavender and stamp a bespoke pattern for your wedding on each one? You can buy stamps from The English Stamp Company. Perfect for putting under a pillow or in a clothing drawer after the big day.

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