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String Quartets, Trios & Duos

Hire a string quartet for the perfect accompaniment to your special day. With extensive experience in performing at weddings, drinks receptions and events, our quartets offer the highest of musical standards and professionalism. Please browse our list of artists below or click to read more.

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What is a String Quartet?

The String Quartet is an ensemble comprising two violins, a viola and a cello, and it has been around since the 1700s. It is considered to be one of the most important classical music art forms and almost all major composers from 18th century onwards have written works for it, creating a huge library of music. For example, Beethoven wrote 16, Mozart 23 and Haydn wrote a staggering 68 string quartets! It has also been used many times in popular music including a number of chart hits.

Setting the Scene

Walk into a room to the sound of a string quartet and you’re immediately transported into a world of luxury and prestige. Whether it’s your corporate event, your wedding or another special occasion, a String Quartet adds charm and stylish refinement. Think of the Smooth Ambience. Style. Grace. The harmony of the Violins. The richness of the Cello. The smooth tenor notes of the violin’s bigger sister, the Viola. And all played by musicians dressed for the occasion.

Imagine the scene. Your guests arrive at your event to be greeted by the timeless and beautiful sound of four string players in perfect harmony. And rather than emerging from the depths of someone’s iPod, the music is being personally created live by superb classical musicians who have trained and practised for many years, often since childhood, to master the skills necessary to deliver this special moment just for you.

Repertoire - The Music!

So, the quartet is naturally associated with classical music and indeed this makes up the majority of their repertoire. People regularly book these groups so that they can experience the wonderfully elegant classical sounds that they create, including of course quartet arrangements of almost any classical piece.

Popular requests are pieces such as Canon in D by Pachelbel, Air on a G String by J.S. Bach, and The Arrival of The Queen of Sheba by Handel. You can hear an example of this below played by one of our top string quartet’s 4tissimo…

However, string quartets offer so much more music than this! For example they have been featured in pop music since the 1960s in pieces such as Eleanor Rigby and Yesterday by The Beatles. And strings in general feature on hits such as Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve,  One Day Like This by Elbow and Viva La Vida by Coldplay

So, many quartets have these pieces in their repertoire along with music from films, theatre, musicals, folk music, hymns, and also Bollywood music for Asian events. There really is no end to the choice of music that they can offer.

Suitable for any Event

Another aspect of booking a string quartet for your event or Wedding Day is their flexibility. At a wedding, a String Quartet can play during the signing of the register, at the entrance of the bride, for her recession down the aisle after the ceremony or as a background accompaniment to the wedding breakfast. At other events, a quartet can play to accompany a drinks reception or, for example, as an interlude between Conference Presentations as the podium is set or reset. String quartets are also popular at Exhibitions or for Product Launches.

Make it Special

Well, if there’s something you would particularly like to hear then our string quartets are happy for you to choose specific pieces from their repertoire for the occasion. Couples regularly choose the music that they want for wedding ceremonies, such as the bride’s entrance, signing of the register and exit of the happy couple.

Quartets are also willing to learn a new piece of music for your event, such as a contemporary pop piece or music from a film etc. Do bear in mind though that the quartet will need to buy this music or have it specially arranged so there is usually a small charge for this, typically around £50.

Or how about a completely new piece! Imagine how unique and special it would feel if your event or occasion was the venue for the World Premiere of a new piece of music! This may cost a little extra, but for a World Premiere? Worth every penny, especially if you present your Guest of Honour or New Spouse with a framed music manuscript of the music.

Trio, Duo & Other Options

Sometimes the size of venue or budget (!) just won’t allow for a full quartet. So, to take this into account many of our String Quartets offer smaller lineup options of trio or duo to accommodate.  Examples of quartets that offer this are 4tissimo String Quartet or Essence Strings and our Instant Quote box on their pages displays instant prices for each option and the booking period. Try it now!

If you’re looking for something different then we also offer string groups that use electric violins. These have the ability to pump up the volume to give a dazzling display of violin virtuosity.

Take for example the Electric Violin Duo (pictured above). This very special act features two of the UK’s top violinists who can play either on their own or as a special segment in an evening event, backed by either backing track or a full live band. Definitely a different and exciting experience that your guests will always remember.

Other Things to Remember

Beautiful music is not the only great reason to consider booking a string quartet. These ensembles do not require much space or an electricity supply, unless you particularly require amplification, which means that they are suited to a wide range of venues. They are also happy to play outdoors if the weather is nice. They would just need shelter from direct sunlight, as this is not good for their delicate instruments and shelter from the wind so they don’t spend all their time chasing after their music! So, this classical option is great for cocktails and canapés on the lawn, a garden party or similar occasion.

Quartets don’t need much, but you would need to provide them with 4 chairs at their performance location and these chairs must be armless to allow for elbowroom when they are playing. If you are expecting the string quartet to move location during the course of booking then it’s preferable if you can arrange for a set of chairs at each location if possible. It just gives them one less thing to move and looks better than them moving furniture around.

The only other thing they would require is some water or soft drinks. If the booking is 3 hours or more, then the quartet may require you to give them something to eat too.

Book Your String Quartet Now

Classic, flexible, elegant and stylish. DG Music’s String Quartet players can deliver that certain something which will make your event a day to cherish and remain in the memories of your guests. Good quartets get booked years in advance for those peak Saturdays in the summer so it's never too early to book.

The DG Music 'Instant Quote' system is currently the only system available that allows you to obtain a price for musicians by the hour for any desired lineup option. So, if you want a price now then simply fill out the main search form at the top of this page and then click on the quartets that catch your eye. From there you can obtain an instant quote for any option you choose.

If you would prefer to speak to someone then please to call us for some friendly advice on 01572 756386.

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Rutland String Quartet
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The Rutland String Quartet is a professional string quartet based in Rutland available for hire for weddings, parties and corporate events.

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Berkshire String Quartet
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Avon String Quartet
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Chelsea String Quartet
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London based Chelsea String Quartet are an experienced group of musicians who play the viola, cello and two violins. This classical string quartet are popular for all types of occasions from weddings to private events.

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Belvoir String Quartet
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Belvoir String Quartet have been providing quality music for many different types of occasion for over 10 years.

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Windsor String Quartet
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The Windsor String Quartet are a young and vibrant ensemble who can provide the perfect musical ambience to your special occasion.

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Leicester Strings
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Leicester Strings are bursting with passion and musical experience. The members will make your event truly special and unique.

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Birmingham String Quartet
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The Birmingham String Quartet consists of four professional musicians who have trained at top UK conservatories. In 2003 they won first prize in The Sylvia Cleaver Chamber Music competition and were also awarded The Derek Young Memorial Award. They have performed for music clubs across ...

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Empire String Quartet
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Nottingham String Quartet
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London String Quartet
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Mersey String Quartet
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Mersey String Quartet is a group of talented young musicians who perform a wide mix of classical and contemporary music for all kinds of special events

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