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Great Gatsby Fever

Published: 28 May 13, 04:52pm  |  Author: DG Music

Great Gatsby fever is spreading this summer as Baz Luhrmann’s blockbuster film hits the silver screen this month. Music shaped the glamour and swing of the roaring 1920s and we have a wealth of bands and musicians delivering the same magic.

Cate C is an incredibly talented Jazz singer, bringing glitz and glamour as part of a three, four or five piece band. Winning critical acclaim for her appearances at events such as The BAFTA TV Awards, Cate is a professional and experienced artist. Soulful and sophisticated, Cate is a Jazz vocalist who is influenced by Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee and Blossom Dearie to name a few. 

When Benoit Viellefon and his orchestra perform, they never fail to delight and uplift. Being a versatile and extraordinary talent Benoit Viellefon has transformed many events with his presence, from intimate dinners to main stage performances in front of thousands of fans. One recent happy customer described Benoit Viellefon’s performance as ‘striking and perfect, it all felt rather filmic’. Gatsby would surely have hired Benoit Viellefon and his orchestra for one of his parties! Click here to get to Benoit Veillefon's page and have a listen:

1920’s stride piano style also developed during the Gatsby era in larger East Coast cities, particularly in New York’s Harlem. The Speakeasy Trio is a band a little closer to home, Lancashire to be precise, who specialise in Harlem Swing. This three piece all male band bring the authentic sounds of 1920’s Harlem jazz scene into the present day. The Speakeasy Boys play piano, percussion, guitar and clarinet and of course feature incredible male vocals. 

Although Gypsy Jazz isn’t strictly the music Gatsby would have been used to hearing, it certainly gets the toes tapping and the hips swinging! Les Bohemes are a fantastic Gypsy Jazz group, playing as a three, four of five piece band. Gypsy Jazz is an electrifying combination of early American Jazz, flamenco and the chic sounds of sophisticated Paris. Les Bohemes bring a lot of personality and magic to their performances… something they share in common with The Great Gatsby.

For more information about Les Bohemes and all the bands featured in this blog click here

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