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Why Mary Poppins Nearly Wasn't Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Why Mary Poppins Nearly Wasn't Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Published: 19 Dec 13, 11:02am  |  Author: DG Music

Did you catch Marry Poppins over Christmas? Richard and Robert Sherman's film score for Mary Poppins is full of wonderful tunes. But... the hit children's favourite Mary Poppins very nearly wasn't a musical at all – or even a film for that matter.

Christmas comes but once a year - Or does it?

Published: 18 Dec 13, 10:45am  |  Author: DG Music

All our bands are gearing up for the festive season with special repertoires to make the season go with a swing - or rock or pop or funk or whatever you fancy. But have you ever wondered why it is we celebrate Christmas at this time of the year? After all, lots of those nativity plays include lambs and we all know that lambs are born around Easter. So what's going on?

Christmas Number 1s - What's Your Favourite?

Published: 9 Dec 13, 02:05pm  |  Author: DG Music

Here is our round up of Christmas Number 1s from the beginning of the charts to today. Which is your favourite seasonal ditty?

Funky Xmas at Tigers

Funky Xmas at Tigers

Published: 3 Dec 13, 01:09pm  |  Author: DG Music

Top party band Funk Soul Brother will be getting party revelers in a funky festive mood at Leicester Tiger’s Christmas Dinner this year!

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