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Based in Buckinghamshire, Karlos is a professional magician with years of experience in performing the impossible. Karlos will leave you and your party spellbound!


Karlos performs unbelievable sleight of hand trickeries for parties, weddings and corporate events. He uses a variety of props to astound and amaze your guests; pens, glasses even your watches are likely to disappear (and re-appear) at his magic hands.


Karlos captivates his audience with his unpredictable and memorising stage performances. His shows feature the weird, wacky and unbelievable, and are delivered perfectly with energy and finesse. The act usually lasts for 45 minutes, and is guaranteed fun and amazement for all ages.

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Name: Magician Karlos

Location: Buckinghamshire

Main Category: Magicians

Other Categories: Entertainers


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