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Our Leicester Sitar player is an accomplished performer whose talent for authentic Asian music has taken him to weddings and corporate events across the Midlands.


Neil can perform as a soloist with pre-recorded Tabla backing tracks to create a subtle atmosphere or with a live Tabla player for a more dynamic performance. You can also add an Indian flute player to the mix for a soothing sound.

Traditional sounds

These traditional instruments – a sitar, tabla and bansuri – create an authentic sound for your themed events. Neil and his colleagues play Indian and Hindustani classical music.


Each and every performance by our Leicester Sitar is different because of his unique improvisation style. He doesn’t use sheet music but tailors his performance around traditional scales of notes, known as ragas.


Leicester Sitar has been performing at weddings and private parties for five years as well as appearing at the Summer Sundae Music Festival in Leicester.










Sud Kalyan


General Information:

Name: Leicester Sitar


Main Category: Indian & Asian Music

Other Categories: Background Music, Live Music, Musicians, Traditional Music, Wedding Music


Solo Sitar (default): Solo sitar player

Sitar & Tabla Duo: Two musicians including a Tabla player (small Indian hand drums

Space Required (w x d):

Solo Sitar (default): 2.0m x 2.0m

Sitar & Tabla Duo: 2.0m x 2.0m

Sound & Lighting:

PA suitable for: Up to 500 people

Stage Lighting: No

Dance Floor Lighting: No

Free use of PA via iPod: Yes

DJ included: No

Other Requirements

Hospitality/Artist Rider: None

Technical Requirement: Electric socket

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Solo Sitar£220

Solo sitar player

Sitar & Tabla Duo£345

Two musicians including a Tabla player (small Indian hand drums

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