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DG Music Blog

Great reaction to Rutland Day

Great reaction to Rutland Day

Published: 16 Sep 13, 10:59am  |  Author: DG Music

Crowds gathered this weekend on the shore of Rutland Water to celebrate Rutland Day 2013!

Roaring success at the Tigers!

Roaring success at the Tigers!

Published: 11 Sep 13, 12:04pm  |  Author: DG Music

Two of the county’s best bands took to the stage in Nelson Mandela Park on Sunday to help Leicester Tigers fans celebrate the start of the season.

DG Music welcome Jet Stream

DG Music welcome Jet Stream

Published: 10 Sep 13, 09:31am  |  Author: DG Music

Band of the moment Jet Stream is a London-based band led by powerful female vocals guaranteed to fill the dance floor and is the latest addition to be added to the ever-growing DG music roster. 

The Band Played On

Published: 2 Sep 13, 11:42am  |  Author: DG Music

This week marks the 28th year since the Titanic wreckage was first captured on film. With that in mind, we decided to take a look back on the greatest shipwreck in history and how it inspired a century of music.

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