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Jazz and Tapas at The Nelson

Jazz and Tapas at The Nelson

Published: 11 Mar 13, 02:35pm  |  Author: Katy Miller

We are excited to announce a new series of live jazz events taking place at The Lord Nelson, Oakham, beginning on Sunday 31st March. With Jazz, Tapas and Nibbles, the events are set to be a great success!
Govannen Nominated for Celtic Radio Music Award

Govannen Nominated for Celtic Radio Music Award

Published: 6 Mar 13, 11:53am  |  Author: Katy Miller

Irish and Ceilidh Band Govannen, has been nominated for a prestigious Celtic Radio Music Award. King of the Faeries from their album Celtic Earth, is featured in the Jigs & Reels section of the award - voting is now open to the public.
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