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Choosing Your First Dance: What To Do?!

Published: 26 Sep 12, 11:15am  |  Author: Katy Miller

Up there with the I do’s, the signing of the register, and the cutting of the cake, the happy couple’s first dance is one of the key moments in most Weddings Days. The unspoken rule of a first dance is that is should represent your relationship in one way or another. It should also be soppy enough to bring a tear to the eye, cool enough to avoid the roll of the eyes, and most importantly, something that you can comfortably dance to in a floor length wedding dress and heels!

So where to begin…

What about the celebrities, how have they tackled this decision? Here are 5 of our most beloved celebrity couples and their first dance songs…

1)      William & Kate: ‘Your Song’ Ellie Goulding
2)      Beyoncé & Jay Z: ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé & Jay Z
3)      Barack & Michelle Obama: ‘You and I’ by Stevie Wonder
4)      David & Victoria Beckham: ‘It Had To Be You’ by Starlight Orchestra
5)      Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: ‘Songbird’ by Fleetwood Mac

You can’t really go wrong with the above songs, and hey if it’s good enough for royalty and major celebs then it’s good enough for us! I particularly like the idea of singing your own composition, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a plug to your own chart topping hit.

Friends of DG Music on our Facebook page had lots of brilliant suggestions. From ‘Something’ by The Beatles, to Marvin Gaye ‘Let’s Get It On’ (how sweet), and of course the obvious Abba ‘I do.’

Ultimately, the best first dances are always the funny ones. Those that surprise, raise eyebrows, and are unforgettable. This couple have hit the nail on the head…

What would you have at your wedding? Let us know in the comment space below...

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Katy has been working at DG Music since July 2012, and is in charge of Web and Blog content. She graduated from Oxford Brookes last summer with a degree in music, and will be undertaking a Masters in Popular Music Research this September.

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1 Comment to “Choosing Your First Dance: What To Do?!”

Love the top five songs and totally agree a first wedding song should be fun. By the time you get to the first dance, most wedding guests are well on their way to complete intoxication and just want this bit over and done with so they can get down and do the funky chicken themselves! Absolutely love that youtube - maybe DG Music could do a sideline in wedding dances??

I was however, disappointed to see that Katie Price and Peter Andre didn't make the top five - didn't she sing him that awful song from Aladdin?? I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did....

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